Things to watch out for when you buy:

Lighting World uses 2700K bulbs for a warmer and softer light. Most LED and CFL bulbs are available in 2700K, 3000K, 4500K, & 5000K




22.8 years



This is a dimmable bulb.

​Also available Non-Dimming at $10




11 years






​Only available in one color

2.3 years



Approximate Cost of Bulb

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Estimated Yearly Cost

Expected Lifetime

(Based on 3hrs/day use)

Color Temperature

(See chart below)

Lumen Output

(Amount of light given)


(Energy Used)




How do I choose?

What is LED?

A Light Emiting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor, consisting of a chip that produces light when an electrical current flows through it.

What is CFL?

A compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb is a fluorescent light bulb that has been compacted into the size of a standard incandescent bulbs. In a CFL an electric current is driven through a tube containing argon and a small amount of mercury vapor.

3. Sustainability - Long lasting energy efficient CFL lighting lasts more than 10 times the life of a standard incandescent. LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours or 50 times as long as an incandescent bulb! These long life products mean less time on a ladder changing bulbs and fewer materials in our landfills.

2. Energy - On average, energy saving lamps use only 1/4 of the energy incandescent lamps consume. These reductions in energy use translate to lower utility bills, less fossil fuel emissions polluting the environment and reduces the need to build more power plants

1. Environment - Using energy efficent lighting lessens our impact on the earth while saving money and using less energy. By using less energy we protect the environment by decreasing green house gases - a contributor of climate change - emitted into the atomsphere.

Why choose energy saving bulbs?

After more than 130 years of use, the incandescent bulb is ready for a change. Driven by environmentalism, cost savings, and a desire to improve performance. The incandescent bulb is being replaced by newer more efficient technologies.















Energy Saving

Showroom Hours

For more information on these products or LED and CFL bulbs in general please contact a Lighting World Sales Associate.

Manufacturers that make pre-wired LED and CFL Fixtures


- All CFL bulbs do not work well in cold conditions. Make sure to get something with a cold weather ballast for outdoor and garage locations.

- CFL bulbs, because their is a finite amount of elements contained within the tube, will lose light output over time.

- Make sure when buying CFL bulbs you look for instant on ballasts. Lighting World's CFL bulbs are all instant on but not all manufacturers bulbs are instant on. If they are not instant on, it can take up to a full minute for the bulb to be at its brightest.

- All CFL bulbs contain some mercury. For the health of our planet, please recycle!

- No CFL bulbs are dimmable. No matter what the packaging says!


-  Watch out for the color temperature! Make sure you are buying the color you want. (See the chart above for more information.)

- Look at the lumen count. Some manufacturers will skimp on light output to lower costs. Look for 800 lumens or more.  Don't let manufacturers fool you into buying a bulb that's too dim just to cut costs!

- Check the Lifetime of the bulb. A good LED should last for 15-20 years and come with at least a 3 year warranty. If a manufacturer doesn't back their product maybe you shouldn't either!

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