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Ceiling fans can hang at different heights depending on your ceiling height and the optimum drop for air flow.

The National Electric Code requires that all fans be 7' above the floor.

8' Ceiling - Hugger Style fan or 3" Downrod

9' Ceiling - 3" - 6" Downrod

10' Ceiling - 12" Downrod

11" Ceiling - 18" Downrod

12" Ceiling - 24" Downrod

13"+ Ceiling - 36" Downrod

We do not recommend going over 36" for the downrod size as that can increase the chances of the fan wobbling.

If your ceiling is pitched 33-45 degrees, a sloped ceiling canopy must be installed. This will allow your fan to hang straight.

Selecting the right fan starts with knowing your environment to maximize airflow.

Small Environments

Room Size: 80 sq ft or less

Room Type: Utility Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Closets, or Bathrooms

Fan Size: 20"-34"

Medium Environments

Room Size: 90-120 sq ft

Room Type: Small Bedroom or Office

Fan Size: 30"-52"

Large Environments

Room Size: 125-300 sq ft

Room Type: Kitchen/Dining Room or Living Room

Fan Size: 52"-56"

Extra Large Environments

Room Size: 350-400 sq ft

Room Type: Great Room or Master Suites

Fan Size: 56"-72"



With so many options in ceiling fans how do you figure out what size of fan you need? Use the simple guides below to figure out what will work best for your space.

Ceiling Fans