Ceiling Fans

A new ceiling fan is not only elegant and quiet but is also the epitome of energy efficiency.  Even at maximum speed, a ceiling fan uses only 50 to 75 watts (the same amount of energy as one incandescent light bulb), less than one-tenth as much as a medium-size air conditioner.  Running a fan 12 hours a day costs about $1.50 a month, compared to $25 for an air conditioner.  Make sure the ceiling fan blades are rotating counter-clockwise for a downdraft cooling effect. 

MONTE CARLO                          MINKA AIRE

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan:

Fan Size:

 5x5 Room or smaller - 29"-36" fan
7x7 Room - 36"-44"fan
10x10 Room or bigger - 52"-54"

Height from Ceiling:
The ceiling fan should be a minimum of 7ft but an ideal placement would be 8-9ft from the floor.
8ft or lower use a hugger adapter
9ft - use downrod included in the box
10ft - 12in Downrod
11ft - 18in Downrod
12ft - 24in Downrod
13ft or taller - use a 36" Downrod
We do not recommend going over 36" Downrods as it increases the chance that the fan will wobble.

Fan blades determine the amount of air being circulated. The fan brackets should be positioned to hold the blade at 12-15 degrees for optimal circulation. The height the pitch of the blade the more air that will be moved.

The motor is responsible for producing quiet operation. Look for high quality motors with heavy duty windings and sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated. Smaller less powerful motors found in lower quality fans may produce higher operating temperatures, lower air circulation and noisier operation.

All Monte Carlo and Minka-Aire ceiling fans come with a lifetime warranty on their motors.

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